Your First Google Doc

Step 1: Create a Google Account

Go to Sign in to your email if you have one or click "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" to create an account. Once your account is created, go back to This is your email account.

Step 2: Make a Google Doc

Once you are signed in to your email, you will see a link on the top that says "Documents". This is a link to Google Docs. Click that or type into your address bar.

Next, click the orange button that says "CREATE" to start creating a google doc. There are some places at the top that you can click (File Edit View Insert Table et cetera) that will bring up a menu. Click "Insert", then "Image" once it pops up to insert an image of yourself. Click "Select an Image to Upload" to select a picture of yourself from your computer. We will go over this in class next week so don't worry if it you can't figure it out.

Please type the following things into your Google Doc beneath a picture of yourself.

Here is an example.

Step 3: Share

Share the doc with by clicking the blue button that says "Share" on the upper right.

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