Reading for this week: How to Make Your Spreadsheets Less Lame. You do not have to read the comments.


I have listed the teams in an email to the Google group. For this week, please pick/ask questions find resources that will answer the questions.

Pick/ask questions to answer about your teams topic. Questions should help focus your project. For this group project, specific questions are better than vague questions. For example, if my topic "Fishing" a specific question would be: When is a good time to go fishing in Texas?

Gather resources (websites, books, news articles) that help you answer these questions. Start a shared Google doc (shared between all of your team members) that has these resources. You can start writing answers about your questions and finding interesting images for your Google doc.


Teams will have some time in class to meet together and discuss what they have found and continue to finish the document.

The final product for this group project (which is due next-next class) will be a web published Google doc.

Email everyone in your team to establish contact. Everyone should do this!

* top picture from wikimedia