Information about the Spring 2014 course Java and Processing by Rhema Linder.

While every computer programming language has its advantages, we are leaning Java because it is free and powerful. Java has is used for a range of applications from Minecraft to scientific supercomputing for DNA synthesis.

Part of becoming an efficient programer is requires learning to work with libraries, reusable code from others. We will leverage the Java speaking data science / art application Processing, for visualizing sorting and drawing algorithms as well as interactive applications. These applications can be published on the Web, serving as demos for college applications and resumes.

This one semester course will introduce primitive data types and classes. We will be editing code in Processing in weekly assignments. Each week students should expect one to two hour reading assignments as well hands on editing or producing of Java code. Classes will consist of showing solutions to homework, a short lecture and Q&A on the reading, and the starting hands on work for the next assignment.

For students interested in taking the AP exam for Computer Science A, I will be teaching a course this Fall or the following Spring that targets learning required to pass it for college credit.

Classes start January 15, 2014. Class meets at 10am-11am weekly at the CHC on Wednesdays.


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