The Know/No Space

I don’t know why it’s so interesting to me, but if you say the word no/know twice, you construct a surprisingly large space of meaning.  Perhaps it strikes me as interesting wordplay or pun based humor.

We have 2^2 = four possible word permutations.

  • No no
  • Know no
  • No know
  • Know know

Each of the above can also be ambiguous.  I will list out the interpretations I have considered but I expect that there are more.

No no

  • There is nothing off limits.  There is no no for me.
  • No.  No I mean it.  Really no.  No no!
  • As  a noun.  That off limit item is a no no.

Know no

  • You should know what is off limits.
  • Knowing the opposite of the right answer can lead to the right answer (especially true in probability).

No Know

  • You can’t know.  Is Schrodinger’s cat dead?
  • You don’t know, but it’s possible that you can learn.
  • You are not allowed to have knowledge of that.  Classified information.
  • Nobody knows anything.  Ignorance all around.  There is no knowledge anywhere.

Know Know

  • You should know what it means to know.
  • You really need to know.




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