Portfolio tpoem as Interactive Art

Tpoem is an interactive environment for writing lyrics or poetry.  The web application makes rhyming suggestions as users type, placing the rhymes for the last of of each line in the right margin.  These suggestions can be used to explore possibilities in writing poetry.  Double clicking on a word sends it to a teacup that steams related words (near to distant synonyms).

Seeing rhyming suggestions is hands off and calm in the sense that no user initiation is needed beyond typing.  Authors could use tpoem just a text editor and ignore the rhymes and steaming.  Rhymes are most prominent where the text cursor is place.  Moving one’s mouse over a line of rhymes reveals the complete set of provide rhymes, which can be pages long.  This interaction creates a system and user feedback loop.  As author changes what tpoem suggestions, the author changes the poem and tpoem modifies its recommendations.

Steaming is a lightweight and easy to implement generative suggester that hopes to inspire authors as they write.  Instead of showing all realed synonyms, tpoem shows streams of words selected randomly from the pool of words related to what is inside the teacup.  These simi-random juxtapositions are meant to inspire the author to make connections and see conceptual combinations.  As words steam up in the left margin, they are juxtaposed with lines of the poem itself, affording many possible associations.

Tpoem also lets people publish tpoems.  You can a list of user published tpoems I curated here.

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