Rhema’s Interactive Performance and Technology Intro

Rhema Linder’s introduction for this course.

Department:  I’m from the department of Computer Science
Academic  Background:
I have been a Master student here at Texas A&M since Fall of 2009.  I am in the process of joining the PhD program.  The Interface Ecology Lab works on a variety of projects.  My research has mostly been in understanding how to evaluate creativity support environments in laboratory and field studies.  I want computers to support human expression, information needs, and fun.  People like to use existing images, text, and thought from the web and synthesize them as their own curations, and novel works.  I want to make that process easier.

Artistic Background:
My artistic background includes creating software that supports creativity.  One course project that I created is tpoem, an environment that shows rhyming suggestions and lets artists juxtapose words from a thesaurus as they write.  When I was 15, a close friend and I made 3d game applications, which was my introduction to programming.  Along with that came some introduction into adobe products.

Technical Background:
I’ve worked on interaction design and implementation, search systems, scripts for statistics, computer graphics, machine learning, obscure networking protocols, and visualizations of complex data.  While I know most popular programming languages, I prefer to work with Python.  I’ve also designed processes on Mechanical Turk for generating and filtering text and image content.  I also designed and implemente an ipad app for my 2 year old, which I suppose works for all of these three categories.


The following post in this new category are meant to record my process and process in the Interactive Performance and Technology  course.

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