Sketch 2 Directions

Sketch 2 is about using projection mapping techniques to fit the theme of Space Harmony.  For this sketch, we are going to show forced perspective, and hopefully create a feeling of falling though a rabbit hole.

The theme come’s from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.  We consider this scene from the 1951 cartoon:


From this and discussions with my team and instructors we decided to:

  • Have a 30 second exploration phase
  • Begin falling for the rest
  • Use floating for the falling dance
  • Have objects to add texture
  • If possible, we are going to show the tunnel/hole as more warped as Alice (Megan) “falls” down the rabbit hole.


Learning from previous experience with the Kinect, we are going to make it control the speed of decent, but  it will be passive.  This will give our dancer as much space as she wants to move around.  When she moves into the sensor range, she can adjust the speed of decent and it will stay where she puts it.



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