Final Project Brainstorming Part 1

In ideation, the process of forming new ideas, people use divergent thinking before converging to accept a viable path for implementation.  This post reports the formative and iterative processes we used to generate ideas.   The nature of collaboration, multiple goals of teachers and students, and technological complexities constrained and set a context for accepted ideas we chose to implement.

We had about a week and one half to begin narrowing our search.  In the first session, which was after class, the four of us decided to wander outside to sit on the grass.  In our first discussion, we went around talking about what our concept of play meant.  In the discussion, we talked about throwing things in the air, such as baseballs, or other kinds of balls.  This kind of play differs from games in that there isn’t a goal or winner.

From that description, we thought we would need to track these objects using a camera and blob detection.  I thought putting a wiimote inside of a ball would give some expressive ability.  We immediately set to work on getting a prototype working.  Fu Hao played with an object tracker in OpenCV.  I started using OSCulator to start connecting a wiimote to Ableton Live.

(Click here to see the slides)

This is the set of slides that we presented.  The idea presented here is more fire related than what we ended up using.  It also expects a level of detection that we did not end up using.



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