Rhema Linder

Rhema Linder is a PhD candidate in the Interface Ecology Lab at Texas A&M University. His research interests center around human-centered computing in popular media and education, supporting and analyzing practices of expression, curation, exploratory search, and creativity. His work includes ethnographic, analytic, and design research of online curation: searching for, collecting, organizing, and sharing multimedia on the Web.

Before graduating from LeTourneau University in 2009, Rhema was homeschooled in the College Station area. Since 2011, Rhema has been taught supplemental courses to homeschoolers. Rhema has interned and worked at social media start-ups Livemocha and Collective Labs, writing web front ends and back ends and constantly tinkers with interesting code based prototypes.

Currently, Rhema helps lead development and research of IdeaMACHE, a cloud based platform for collecting, organizing, and sharing text, pictures, and links gathered from the Web.

Email me: rhemalinder at gmail.com or follow @rhemalinder.